Do you want to use your ipad like any computer browser?

As a Realtor, I do a lot of property searches and I'm an ALL Mac person, iphone, iMac, ipad. I just recently bought a new 32-gb ipad as my old one was damaged during my recent trip. Hallelujah! I've been wanting to find a genuine excuse to buy a new ipad! My biggest issue with it is that I can't use it like a computer browser. I was doing some stationary shopping at the Staples store on W Broadway and was chatting with a sales rep. about that. He told me he browses with his iphone just like a computer browser by using the Puffin App. I went home downloaded it on both my iphone and my ipad and it works a charm! Download the paid app, don't be a cheapskate, it's only $3.99. You'd thank me for it!